Fastest internet connection in the world

Internet is daily requirement for study and work, insternet importen because with internet wen can find the job, begining the small business until access online study. internet connection is a very important bacause without connection we cann’t using internet as well as possible, and all of  the actifity cann’t walk. The Following is a Country that the fastest internet connection :

  1. Korea Selatan
    this country has long been determined for fastest the country with internet connection in the world. The south korean government promise will giving internet access 1 Gigabyte per second to the people, in the end of 2012
  2. Finland
    At 2010 finland being the first country in the world giving internet access broadband to the people
  3. Sweden
    The faster broadband internet in swedia fastest than amerika serikat
  4. Japang
    At the country japang know as the country with cheapest internet cost in the world
  5. France
    France is the country stating that the internet is a “Human rights”

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